The Things You Should Teach Yourself When It Comes To Eczema

Do you suffer with eczema? Are you interested in getting the best information on treatments? If you said yes to the above questions, then the following article that is filled with solid tips about treating eczema is just for you, so keep reading!

Pick moisturizers which come in cream or ointment form. This will be better for your eczema than lotions. Petroleum jelly is a good option, too. Whatever you do decide to use, make sure it is fragrance and alcohol free. Work on using moisturizer no less than twice daily.

Avoid stress as much as possible. Stress can cause eczema to flare up. If you have a lot of stress going on in your life you should try to exercise, meditate, or figure out something relaxing to do. This can help you minimize the eczema flareups you encounter.

Make sure that the temperature in your room is not too hot or cold. Extreme temperatures can really irritate your skin and cause your symptoms to flare up. Use your air conditioner when it’s hot and use your humidifier when it gets cold. Humidifiers keep moisture in the air and will keep your skin from getting dry.

Keep your nails tidy and trimmed. You know during the day to avoid scratching your eczema, but you might do it anyway when you sleep. Your rash will worsen when scratched, and will bleed when scratched with long nails. Also, clean your nails each and every day.

Eczema is compounded by sweat so do your best to keep the sweat at bay. Your eczema symptoms will not like sweat when it hits. If you live an active lifestyle, try to cool down as soon as you can. One suggestion is to shower as soon as you can after your workout.

There are specific triggers for eczema and it is important to figure out what yours are. There may be detergents, soaps or perfumes causing your flare-ups. Perhaps it is the fabrics you are wearing. If you are overly stressed, or if you tend to sweat a lot, it can act as a trigger. Once you determine what your triggers are, you can start avoiding them to find relief.

Use moisturizers when the skin is damp. This is when the skin takes the moisturizer in to help soothe it. First, blot the skin with a towel to keep it moist and help it retain natural oils. You can then apply the preferred moisturizer. Try to do this all within at least three minutes after your bath to keep skin hydrated and smooth.

Know what you’re wearing. Clothing can be an eczema trigger. You want to wear cotton or cotton blend clothing. Other materials can irritate the skin. You should also pay close attention to the way you’re washing clothes. Fabric softener and strong chemical detergents should be avoided.

If you have suffered from eczema for some time, you are undoubtedly looking for an effective form of treatment. Luckily, now that you’ve read that above, you probably feel better about dealing with your own eczema in a successful manner. Keep the advice here near you and you’ll do well in the future.


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