How You Can Enjoy Life Even With Arthritis

Arthritis is a very broad subject, with 500 different conditions fitting the label, and affecting nearly that many joints. Having said that, the most serious of these conditions is Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA). It usually develops later in life, and it can significantly impact a person’s lifestyle. For additional information on this subject, keep reading.

Women suffering with arthritis should avoid wearing high heels. High heels look nice but they are horrible for your feet. High heels can make you off-balanced and bring about torque, which will aggravate arthritis. If you have arthritis, wear comfortable shoes and forget about high heels. Your feet, knees and ankles will appreciate it.

Avoid exercising with worn out shoes if you are living with arthritis. Shoes that are old and worn out will cause your weight to be distributed unevenly. They can potentially also create issues in your leg joints, such as your knees and ankles. Be sure to check the wear on your shoes on a regular basis and replace them when you find that they are uneven.

Lay it down on your thigh and use the heel of your hand to press it down. This will not hurt your fingers.

Remember to take care of your joints. If you suffer from arthritis, even the tiniest tasks can take a toll on you. Slide items across surfaces instead of lifting them when possible or have someone help you. If you will protect yourself from irritation and inflammation, it can keep your joints flexible and keep your pain level down.

If your arthritis has been diagnosed, then you are entitled to a handicapped sticker or plate. Lots of arthritis sufferers are not aware of this, and they often succumb to parking in regular spaces, which can make things worse for those affected by chronic pain.

Patients that are afflicted with osteoarthritis in either or both knees should ask their arthritis specialists about electrical stimulation therapy. This treatment has been proven in reducing arthritic knee swelling and pain simultaneously.

If arthritis has you thinking of knee surgery, it is worth using a knee brace first to see if this helps. A knee brace can really minimize the pain and swelling of arthritis and surgery should be viewed as a last resort whenever possible. You may even wear it while you sleep.

Sleep on a mattress that is right for you. Anyone diagnosed with arthritis should consult with a medical professional to determine the best mattress and firmness options available for them. Every person is different, so an expert opinion can help you find the best bed to deal with your unique condition.

Familiarize yourself with the signs and symptoms of arthritis. Knowing the symptoms will help you seek professional help if needed. If you recognize the first symptoms when they occur, you can consult a doctor, get your issue diagnosed, and get started on a treatment plan at the earliest, most effective time.

The best way to treat RA is to do everything you can to prevent it. A few simple actions can make you less likely to get arthritis as you age. Hopefully, you’ll apply what you’ve learned here and be benefited by it.


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