Get A Good Night’s Rest With These Sleep Apnea Tips

If you are finding it difficult to sleep each night, you may be suffering from sleep apnea. A lot of people have this problem, and they may find it hard to deal with. But the good news is that there are effective treatments out there. The following article will give you coping tips.

Stop your destructive ways. The worst thing you can do to contribute to sleep apnea by drinking and smoking. Drinking affects the respiratory system. Smoking can cause swelling in the throat, which also restricts the airway during sleep. Dropping these habits can help ease your symptoms.

Be sure to eat well and maintain a proper weight to help control your sleep apnea. A lot of people are amazed at how a poor diet negatively affects sleep apnea. In past studies,it has been shown that those that eat improper foods have worse sleep apnea than those that eat healthy, but are overweight.

Sleep apnea is a serious health condition. If you see any signs, go get yourself an opinion right away. When you have a diagnosis, your doctor may send you to a specialist or set you up with other tests.

Try to avoid sleeping pills. Much like alcohol, sleeping pills can relax your throat muscles. They also can cause other harmful issues to make your sleep apnea worse. Ask your doctor about sleeping aids that won’t have a negative impact on your breathing.

A diagnosis of sleep apnea is performed by analyzing your medical history as well as your family history, followed by a physical exam. You can do sleep studies and the things the doctor finds will guide him on making a decision on what can be done.

If you are using a CPAP and experience an issue with your mouth opening during sleep, a chin strap can help. The chin strap will help hold you chin up during the time you are sleep which keeps your mouth closed. Your mouth must remain closed in order to get the best results from your CPAP therapy.

Don’t forget to bring your CPAP along when you need to stay in the hospital. Be it an intended or emergency room stay, you must always have access to your CPAP and the mask when you suffer from sleep apnea. It will already be at your personal settings and pressure, and be the mask you know you can sleep in. Even if you are hospitalized, you can seamlessly continue using your CPAP in this manner.

Only sleep with a single pillow of standard size. An over-sized pillow or multiple pillows can actually skew your position. Not only is this bad for your neck in general, it also restricts your airway. For this reason, stick with just one pillow to alleviate your sleep apnea symptoms.

You should now understand that sleep apnea is treatable. You can determine which tips work best in your situation by trying all of them. Use the information in this article to finally rest during your sleep. You don’t need to let sleep apnea control your life any longer.


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